BEST insect repellent!!! “Bugs Away”
Trudy on Jan 14, 2019

Used this over the holiday’s and it is the first time that I have not been attacked by mosquito’s (and the like). Everyone else was covering up, swatting mosquito’s etc while I sat there hoping the this new product I had purchased would work? Well it did work!!! The next day I had not received any bites so I used it with confidence the next night also (and again no bites). THANK YOU, not only does it have a lovely fragrance (which others commented on) but most of all it works! I highly recommend this product
icon design is proud to partner with Zoë and her Bugs Away Kawakawa Spray and Kawakawa Balm.

After 6 years of formula development and testing, Zoë’s Bugs Away Kawakawa Spray has been launched, to compliment Zoë’s Kawakawa Balm which has been selling at the herb farm for over 4 years.

The natural insect repelling properties of Lemon Eucalyptus and Kawakawa combine to create a highly effective repellent.

Zoë and The Herb Farm’s quest to develop the worlds best natural insect repellent began in 2012.

Their formulas have been tested and create an effective force field against biting insects, as well as being good for your skin.

Zoë’s 100% natural products are safe for all the family and better for the earth.


Kawakawa extract, Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil; Eucalyptus Citriodora, Citronella essential oil; Cymbopogon nardus, beeswax and shea butter.


A lot of commercially available insect repellents contain nasty chemical ingredients, that are harmful to you and the environment. One of the most common ingredients in insect repellents, DEET, can actually strip paint. Zoë’s ingredients are natural, safe and effective.


Zoë acknowledges the support of many great people during the 6 year development of these products and is proud to have received several national and regional Science and Technology Fair awards. Special thanks go to Lyn Kirkland at the herb farm, Warwick Grady, Dr Heather Meikle, Andrew Carroll and Katie Liu to name a few. Katie and Zoe worked together on a Gold CREST research project in 2017 investigating plant synergy in natural insect repellents.

Read about the six year journey of development, testing and research